Hair Patch Accessories

Our anti-hair loss treatment clinic is a well-known name engaged in providing silicon hair treatment solutions for baldness. Like hair bonding, silicon hair patching also involves setting the hair through small clips. In silicon mix hair treatment method, the base of the patch is made of silicon material, which looks exactly similar to an original scalp.
We offer ideal silicon hair patching solution, so that the clients’ regular activities like shampoo bath, swimming, driving etc. are not affected. Silicon hair patching has won us several compliments by many doctors, cricketers and cine stars, as it provides a reliable and natural substitute for original hairs.

Why to get treatment of Hair Patch?

  • Hair patch treatment is a non-surgical hair replacement system.
  • There is no particular side effect of the procedure.
  • This technique is suitable for any hair types that will ensure undetectable hair for the customers.
  • Hair patches are one of the fastest at an affordable price hair loss treatment available in the market.
  • Hair patches for bald sections are the quickest and easiest way to conceal baldness